The Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Lagoon of Central Florida is known as "The Redfish Capital of the World" due to the year-round fishery and sheer size of Redfish that inhabit these inshore waters, providing rod-bending action for all types of shallow water anglers. You've seen Mosquito Lagoon on ESPN and other Outdoor Fishing television shows and have recently been proclaimed, the "Redfish Capital of the World."

As a part of the 156-mile long Indian River Lagoon Estuary, the Mosquito Lagoon lies within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and offers excellent fly fishing opportunities. These pristine waters are home to some of the best Redfish flats you can find anywhere in the country. Schools of redfish exceeding 100 fish can be found every month of the year and offer incredible fly fishing opportunities for everyone

Along with abundant Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout hundreds of migratory birds and several endangered animals inhabit the Mosquito Lagoon waters.

Fly Fishing Tackle

Different sizes of fly rods can be used when fishing in Mosquito Lagoon from a 5wt to a 10wt, depending on your casting ability, wind speed and the size of fish you are pursuing.  An 8wt outfit is a good place to start if you are only going to use one fly rod.  Your reel should be the type that can handle the saltwater environment unless you are extremely thorough when cleaning other types of reels.  A good drag system is also a must when fishing on the flats.

Sight Fishing and Wading

When sight fishing on the flats we would typically use a weight forward floating line witha 9 to 10 foot leader.  Most of the time you are fishing in 2 feet of water.  Wading is a good option for thise without a boat, kayak or canoe.  Wading in the flats can be difficult and sometimes very difficult due to the bottom conditions.  The bottom in some areas is hard and easy to get around, however in some areas the bottom is soft and mucky.  Your best bet is to fish with someone who already knows the area for a more enjoyable experience.  As part of joining Mid-Coast Fly Fishers you will receive a book/CD written by a member which shows places to fish for those who want to wade.  For those without boats, several memebers have boats and are willing to take new members out and teach them area and where the fish are.

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