Mid Coast Fly Fishers

Fly of the Month

September: Bendback




Hook: Owner flyliner #1

Eyes: Tab eyes from bearsden.com

Body: Tan and Chartreuse craft fur

Flash: Krystal Flash

I've always liked the bendback.  I recently started tying them this way to let them push a little more water while still being relatively weedless.  I also like to tie these in all black.

April: The Menace



The Menace


Hook: Mustad C71SSS or 34007 Size 2

Eyes: brass dumbbell eyes small or medium

Tail: Craft Fur, tan (1) or white (2), with a couple of strands of crystal flash

Body: Estaz sparkle chenille grande pink (1) or white (2)


Sparkle palmer chenille tan (1) or white (2)

Thread: White, red or orange

Can be tied with any color craft fur or body material you think will catch fish.

March: Sonic Shrimp by Emmit

Sonic Shrimp.

Emmit likes this fly for fishing around docks - especially at night.  He likes this heavy wire hook for this application.  Key points about this fly are to keep it small and sparse and include the weed guard since you'll be throwing it tight to docks and such.


Hook:  Mustad Size 2 2XH 2XS

Weedguard: Mason hard mono.  16lb

Tail: tan craft fur

Legs: rubber

Hackle: Grizzly died brown/red