Mid Coast Fly Fishers

Welcome to the Mid-Coast Fly Fisher Project Healing Waters!!

Deep South Project Healing Waters Mid Coast Fly Fishers are now offering local Project Healing Waters fishing outings on the Mosquito Lagoon for veterans from the Daytona Wellness Recovery Center. Besides regular workshops for fly casting and fly tying at the VA and luncheons at nearby parks, our volunteers are providing boats and guide services for the Wellness Recovery Center vets. This further expands their opportunities beyond academic class room activities and gets the vets out on the water for some practical experience! Since the fishing is local and familiar, we can avoid most of the expenses of travel and lodging while still providing a low cost well planned fishing outing.

Our Mid-Coast Fly Fishers club was established as a means for local fly fisherman to join together and share their experiences and knowledge of the sport.  Located in New Smyrna Beach Florida our club membership is comprised of not only beginner and novice anglers but we have a wealth of expert fly fishing talent from all over the United States and Canada who are willing to share their skills with the membership. We are honored to work with the local healing waters veterans.