Mid Coast Fly Fishers

Past Events


1/25/2020 Open house

Had a great time.  Some casting instruction.  Some fly tying.  Some shameless bragging.  Good fun.

1/13/2020 Club Auction

Carmine did a great job as auctioneer at the MCFF club auction.  There were quite a few nice rods, reels, books, and fly tying materials.  There were also hats.  Lots of hats!  Never go fishing without your hat!


Frank Brownell, a thoroughly decent guy, gave everyone a lesson on outboard maintenance.  We changed out an impeller, gear oil, and themostat.  Thanks, Frank!  

2/23/2019 Casting clinic

Bill Craig put on a casting clinic for club members on 2/23/2019.  It was well attended.  Club members negotiated wind and lawn mowers to improve their casting.  Thanks Bill!

2/21/2019 Shad Outing

On 2/18 we tied shad flies for our upcoming shad outing.  On 2/21/19 quite a few club members got together to try for shad on the upper St Johns.  The shad weren't all that cooperative.  But club members caught shad (very, very reluctant shad), bluegill, crappie, a 3lb bass, some sort of mystery fish....and a bunch of clams!   Many thanks to club members to ferried people to fishing spots with their boats.  PSA: Don't wear cleated wading boots in people's boats!


Club Auction.  Where is the logical place to buy a Penn Senator with a rod for 5$?  At a fly fishing club of course!

1/12/2019 Open house

MCFF open house was a good time.  Click here to see some pictures.