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Announcing the Monthly Fly Fishing Challenge!

Mid-Coast Fly Fishers club will begin holding a monthly fishing contest for club members in April, 2024.  All members are urged to submit pictures of their catch from wherever they are fishing, whether it’s salt or fresh, north, south, east, or west!
The contest is free. An award will be presented to the angler catching the biggest fish in the prior month. During the business meeting on the second Monday of each month, the winner will receive a printed certificate of accomplishment and an MCFF club t-shirt of their choice from Sullivan’s Shirts in NSB. You do not have to be present at the club meeting to receive your award.
Also, for those of you new to fly fishing or don’t get the opportunity to get out there as often as some of our fish-every-day members, if you catch a species you have never caught before we also want to recognize “your first fish”. A picture of you and your fish would be great!  All such submissions will receive a printed certificate of accomplishment at the club meeting.
Rules of entry:
1) This is a catch, photograph, and release (CPR) contest for Flyrod only.All submitted fish should be released unharmed.
2) The contest runs from the first day until the last day of each month.
3) A picture of your fish on a ruled surface showing the length is required.  The measurement is based on the legal definition for the species. Submit your post on the MCFF Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidCoastFlyFishers/   showing the length and the species.  Or send your picture and a brief explanation of how and where you
caught it to Bill Payne; bill@drivegroupllc.com where it will be posted on the MCFF website.
4) For back-to-back successive wins, your most recent catch must eclipse your previous month’s entry  by 2 centimeters, or be a different species.
5)  To determine the winner, the biggest fish will be a weighted percentage based on the current IGFA All Tackle  Flyrod record length. For example, a 30 inch (76.2cm) Redfish with an IGFA record length of 95cm, has a  weighted score of 80.2%, while a 24 inch (60.96cm) Spotted Seatrout, with a record of 59cm, has a  weighted score of 103%! By the way, that would be a new IGFA all-tackle flyrod record for Seatrout!
6) In the case of a tie, the first one submitting a photo, regardless of when it was caught, will be the winner.
7) The contest chairman and MCFF club officials have full authority to change awards and modify rules as  needed to remain fair and fiscally responsible, and will be the final judge in the determination of the winner.

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