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monthly fly fishing club meetings
monthly fly fishing club meetings
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Download the New Member Application  for the Mid Coast Fly Fishing Club

Mid-Coast Fly Fishers is a diverse group of fly fisherpeople.  Our membership consists of local fishing guides, retirees, youth and both men and women.  Your membership entitles family members to be full participates in the club activities.  Several of our members split time between homes in the north during the summer months and in central Florida during the winter months.  Together we share experiences fly fishing througout the Mosquito Lagoon area, where the fish are biting and which fly is producing the best action. 

Our members are eager to help new and current members with casting, fly tying and the most important where the fish are biting.  The past few years several members rented a house together in the Florida Keys to go tarpon fishing.  This past year one of our members who owns property in Michigan invited members to fish at his place for salmon and trout. 

Why join Mid-Coast Fly Fishers?

If you’ve never been fly fishing before but always wanted to learn or are an old hand at it, Mid-Coast offers more to its members than most clubs in that we teach, motivate, encourage eachother become better fly fisherman.  Our instructor has over 30 years experience fly fishing, casting instruction and can teach you the basics all the way through an expert.    

To become a member of Mid-Coast Fly Fishers is easy.  First we recommend that you attend a couple of our meetings the second or third Monday of each month (see our calendar).  The meetings are from 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM.  Fly casting lessons are before each meeting starting at 6:00 PM.  Get to know our members, bring your fly rod and practice or learn.  If you don’t have a fly rod yet and are interested in learning ask one of our members or instructors and they will gladly lend you a fly rod so you can learn the skills.  No sponsorship is required.


Dues                   $55.00 per year

Included in your membership is a CD which outlines the various fishing spots throughout Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River.  This CD was put together by one our members and not only shows you where the fish are but talks about the various fish in the waters, bottom conditions for wading and a general history of the area.  This CD is not available outside the club.

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